Is it safe in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica doesn’t have army so it´s a very Pacific country, plus Ticos don´t have any aggressiveness in their blood. I have lived here for almost three decades and I can honestly say I have never felt safer compare from the old days that I was travelling all over Central and South America. Compared to the USA, Canada and other big countries Costa Rica has very little serious crime.You will find that most of the Costa Rican people are the most honest, hardworking people and they would never steal anything from you but unfortunately like everywhere they will always be a small percentage of person that dedicate their life to steal from others.

Violent or organize crime overall are almost non existant in the Papagayo region. The crime that happens is usually when someone leaves something of value out in the open for someone to take. It is very rare in Costa Rica that thieves break into an house or break a window of your car to steal something however like most of the time if you leave something open or if you expose any valuable objet without taking basic precaution you might get stole!!

Just be careful!